“Money means something different to me in the aftermath of the election,” The Billfold

“I’m not good with money anymore, and I’m ok with that,” The Billfold

“A Billion Dollars in an Elevator: Beyoncé, Jay Z, and the Business of Being Pop Culture Royalty,” The Billfold

“Remember the Filibuster: We Still Won’t Yield,” Burnt Orange Report

“Reconsidering the Game of Thrones Rape Scene,” xoJane

Book review of The Surrendered, E3W Review of Books

“Budding Politician Thor Lund’s Foray into Public Misogyny,” Burnt Orange Report

“After Tampongate, We Have a Few Questions for Texas DPS,” Burnt Orange Report

“Scandalized but Unscrutinized,” The Daily Texan

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