local brew fest and black star co-op

I’m just going to start out by saying that this post is about an event that happened a month and a half ago. I’m really busy. My life is twelve kinds of crazy right now. I just moved into a new (really awesome) place, I’m trying to balance school and work, and my life has been consumed by Plan II Physics. I barely have time to sit down anymore… but I do try to sit down at least once a week, and when I do, it’s usually with a beer.

That’s why I was super pumped to get a pass to Austin’s Local Brew Fest at Black Star Co-op. About 15 local breweries (beer, kombucha, and cider) were there, as well as Red Rabbit Bakery, Pure Luck Dairy, and Wheatsville with delicious snackies.

My hands-down favorite beer at the festival was Real Ale’s coffee porter. It’s brewed with coffee from a local roaster, and the coffee flavor is notable but not overbearing. It’s also not too heavy, which is wonderful.

The runner up was Black Star’s Recalcitrant Dockhand, another malty, dark beer. This was the only Black Star beer I tried, but I’m definitely coming back soon. Black Star is both a pub and a brewery, and the atmosphere is super laid-back and relaxing. Their food looks delicious as well.

Of the food offered, Pure Luck chevre was easily the best thing I tasted. That should come as no surprise; I love Pure Luck, and I would gladly eat anything covered in goat cheese.

When I was in New York (recap to come), I noticed that the bars didn’t offer as many local craft brews. I really love that the greater Austin area has a strong craft brew community. Both of the beerfests I’ve been to have been incredibly fun; the brewers are always super friendly and happy to answer questions. I don’t always buy local, but with so many great breweries so close, drinking local is a must for Austinites.


3 responses to “local brew fest and black star co-op

  1. Delicious! I wish I could have gone! Thank you for sharing yet another delicious post. I’m sitting down with a tall cup of milk and a coconut cooking. Perfect accompaniments to blog reading! I hope you are having a blessed week!

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