hasselback baked potatoes

Listen, I won’t presume to know that you don’t know how to make a baked potato. But, two days ago, if you had presumed to know that I didn’t know how to make a baked potato, you would have presumed correctly.

When I wrote “baked potatoes” on our weekly dinner list and bought all the stuff, I didn’t even think about my lack of baked potato experience. And when I got home to cook baked potatoes, I was kind of at a crossroads. It’s a baked potato. I can’t just google “baked potato recipe.” That’s like googling “Lucky Charms recipe.” It’s one or two ingredients. The method of cooking is in the title.

But alas, my dad always made our baked potatoes, and so there I was, googling “how to make a baked potato.” There’s a wealth of literature out there, you guys. It’s almost overwhelming. I ended up settling on Hasselback potatoes, because they are just potatoes, but they scream “Check me out, I’m fancy!” at the same time. You slice the potato almost all the way through, so they turn into little accordions of crispy potato deliciousness.

Our toppings included ground beef, bacon, sauteed onions, cheese, and green onions. I threw some wing sauce and broc on mine because wing sauce is the new sriracha and broccoli is the love of my life. I was going to throw some Greek yogurt on top as a substitute for sour cream, but I forgot.

Baked potatoes are so cheap and delicious. People hate on potatoes sometimes, but they’re just being dumb. A medium potato is around 150 calories, is packed with healthy carbs, and jump-starts seratonin (a chemical in your brain that makes you happy). We buy the bags of potatoes and usually pay $2.50. SO CHEAP. SO GOOD.

All of my photos kind of suck because I was really hungry and wasn’t as concerned about taking pictures as I was about my stomach eating my small intestine. So I’ve included some pictures from other bloggers who have discovered the wonder of Hasselback potatoes.

Seasaltwithfood got a little crazy with her bad self and Hasselbacked some Japanese sweet potatoes.

Oh you fancy huh.

Joy the Baker, a woman after my own heart, threw some pesto on top.

remind me to pick up some fancy plates next time i'm at the plate store

Hasselhoff Hasselback Potatoes, serves 4.

4 medium potatoes, scrubbed
2-3 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
Butter (most recipes recommend 1 tbsp. per potato; I used about 1/4 of that and they were still great)
Olive oil
Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 425. Make a thin slice off the bottom of the potato (I didn’t do this, but mine were a little rolly). Slice into the potatoes, but not all the way through — leave it connected at the bottom. You can make the slices as thin or thick as you want. Place a thin slice of garlic in every other slice (or to taste). I put about 3 small slices in each potato. You might need to shove it in there… show that potato who’s boss, but don’t break the slice off. Place the potatoes on a baking sheet. Drizzle with a little olive oil, THEN sprinkle with sea salt, THEN top with a pat of butter. The order is important, because the salt needs to stick to the potato. Throw it in the oven for 45-60 minutes. If you have a baster (I don’t) then baste the potatoes every now and then.


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