back to school graham crackers and musings

School started again.

What happened to my month-long break? I had a huge list of things I needed to do, and somehow the list is only marginally shorter. Under the column of things I accomplished: trying yoga (in my living room, feeling goofy); going to the dentist. Under the still-need-to-be-done column: Study Abroad apps… scholarship apps… and pretty much everything that I needed to do with a deadline. Whoops.


a prominent honey flavor is what really makes a good graham cracker, in my humble opinion.

My break was relaxing, but I guess it was a little too relaxing. Now, assignments and stress are both piling up — I’ve already been told to bring in paper proposals next week for TWO CLASSES… whuh? Meanwhile, I’m struggling to find time to keep up my 10K training schedule, post on the blog, or even find time for a second cup of coffee (seriously! I had to go to class running on only 8 ounces on Wednesday!).

Fun fact: I cannot function without at least a cup and a half of coffee in my system. Every morning I wake up, stumble out of bed, and drag my feet down to the kitchen where I mechanically start the coffee maker. (In high school, my parents used to joke about my inability to be a morning person by abruptly stopping their conversation when I woke up and walked to the kitchen, looking scared, and timidly handing me a cup of coffee. At least… I think they were joking.)

frothiness thanks to my aerolatte! seriously. best novelty kitchen tool ever.


Anyway, I made these graham crackers (from here) because I was reminiscing with my mom about when she used to make us graham crackers with peanut butter and banana as an after school snack. After seeing a couple recipes floating around the blogosphere, I told myself it probably wouldn’t be difficult and it would probably taste delicious. One of my theories was correct.

It began when the dough wouldn’t become dough. Even after adding in an extra tablespoon of milk, the dough was still crumbly and not forming a ball. Eventually I just had to reach in the food processor, scoop it out, and pat it into a ball myself. Then, when I rolled it out, it was sticky. Incredibly sticky. I couldn’t cut out a unicorn graham cracker from the dough and move it to the pan without it turning into a demented gnome or a skinny elephant. After about 30 minutes of frustration, I rolled the dough out in a sheet and threw it in the oven. One giant graham cracker.

And you know what? It turned out pretty good. Not as crackery as I’d like it to be, but still sufficiently delicious. This recipe also taught me that, after spending a month baking, I think I’m going to be focusing my cooking adventures on more practical things… less pasta with a million steps, more delicious things with less preparation time and more practical ingredients. And I think that’s the direction I want this blog to take, too: a bigger emphasis on recipes that I love, rather than recipes that seem more impressive.

I hope everyone’s semesters are off to a good start!


3 responses to “back to school graham crackers and musings

  1. bet it took you awhile to curate that self-portrait from your collection

  2. Can you give me cooking lessons, please! Your food all looks so appetizing! That’s so cool that you’re trying for a 10K… I’m going to try to work my way up there with a 5k first. It was one of my NYresolutions to work out more, and so far I’m doing a pretty good job. I got a gym membership and I signed up for one of the running classes at UT.

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