the leeky cauldron

The First Kitchen is more than a blog. It’s a learning process. It’s you watching me learning how to feed myself. And this week in Natalie’s learning curve: buying too much of one product and then eating nothing but said product for the entire week. Last week: pasta. This week: potatoes. I scoured the internet all week for potato recipes to get rid of the massive bag in our pantry. But the one I fell in love with was tucked into a recipe book in a stack at my friend’s house.

The recipe intrigued me for several reasons (besides the fact that it put a major dent in the potato sack). First of all, I’ve never really cooked with leeks before, despite the fact that I really like vegetables that look like abnormally big or abnormally small versions of other vegetables. Second, I have loved arugula since senior year when my mom and I started eating it by the carton. Third, the name of the recipe included the word “rocket.” I had no idea that arugula’s more intriguing, dangerous alias was, indeed, “rocket.” Nomenclature-wise, arugula is the most awesome vegetable ever.

Recipe verdict: delicious. The entire pot was gone within the night. While the recipe said that blending the soup would make it gummy or gluey or something, I tried it anyway and it turned out creamy and flavorful.

Leek, Potato, and Rocket Soup. Serves 5-6. Approx. $7.

4 tbsp. butter
1 onion, chopped
3 leeks, chopped
3 medium potatoes, diced
3 3/4 c. vegetable stock
2 large handfuls of arugula (“rocket”)
2/3 c. heavy cream

Melt butter. Add onions, leeks, and potatoes. Heat to sizzling, then return to low heat. Cover and sweat vegetables for 15 minutes. Pour in stock, bring to a boil, reduce heat, re-cover, and simmer for 20 min. until vegetables are tender. Blend about 3/4 of the soup and add it back to the pot. Chop and add arugula, cook uncovered 5 min. Stir in cream. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with arugula.


5 responses to “the leeky cauldron

  1. I like how simple this recipe is. Truth be told, I despise raw arugula, but I think potato-leek soups are awesome–did you know that I entered (and won 2nd place) in a high school culinary competition for making a potato-leek soup? Yes I did. There’s something wonderful about the combination, and I’m glad you found that out as part of your learning process recently. 🙂

  2. And here it is folks, your sentence of the month: “Nomenclature-wise, arugula is the most badass vegetable ever.” I dare you to top it.

  3. Well, I already love your blog. But not for the recipe (looks delicious); for your writing.

    “It’s you watching me learning how to feed myself.”

    Heh. Yes! Such a steep learning curve for me, too. I’m still getting there.

  4. OMG. You made a Harry Potter pun in the title of this post. I’m yours for life.

    Love the blog, too. 🙂

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