a post about pizza with no clever title

In the N64 Super Mario game, if you leave Mario unattended for long enough, he falls asleep and starts mumbling about spaghetti and ravioli. That is actually what I look and sound like when I sleep. I love Italian food. I love that it’s so versatile. I love that it’s easy and inexpensive. I love that pasta comes in all different shapes and sizes and colors. Love. And, as a college student, I am naturally drawn to one area on the Italian food spectrum: pizza.

Pizza gets a bad rap sometimes. Pizza is the rebellious teenager of the Italian food family. It is often relegated to the kid’s menu of Italian restaurants. As a pizza enthusiast, I simply don’t understand.

margherita and veggie pizza

The other night I had vegetables, leftover spaghetti sauce, and cheese on hand. So, as you can probably guess, I decided to try my hand at homemade pizza. The only recipe I can give you is at Smitten Kitchen for the pizza dough — they have an incredibly helpful homemade pizza page. The spaghetti sauce made a great pizza sauce, but try to strain a lot of the liquid out before you use it or else it will make the dough soggy.

the finished product

I ended up making two pizzas, each split into two halves: margherita (tomato, basil, mozzarella), veggie (spinach, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, bell peppers, onion), pepperoni/onion/mushroom, and zucchini/yellow squash/bell pepper/onion. Verdict: they were all incredible. Preston’s favorite was pepperoni and mine and Jeff’s was the zucchini/squash/pepper/onion one. The brussel sprouts were certainly interesting, but not something I’d try again on pizza. And oh my god the crust was so good I don’t think I’ll ever buy a pre-made pizza crust again.

zucchini, yellow squash, bell pepper, and onion pizza

Delicious, Italian, carby, healthy, full of vegetables. The Atkins diet can shove it.


5 responses to “a post about pizza with no clever title

  1. Hi Natalie~ This is Brittany’s (Preston’s sister) mom. Just had to comment on how much we enjoy your blog. Everything looks so delicious. It’s a far cry from the ramen noodles we ate in college. 🙂
    Keep up the good work. Tell Preston I said hello.

  2. AHAHA NATALIE–to the comment above. SO. AWESOME.

    When are my roomates’ sister’s Moms going to comment on my food blog in appreciation for my excellent feeding of them?

    (OK so I don’t actually have roommates and the only person I live with is my brother, so technically that makes me the sister of my roommate, and I’m not about to force my Mom to comment on my blog…. )

    I digress. I wanted to congratulate you on creating the rebellious Italian teenager. And for slicing brussels sprouts in a cross-sectional way I’d never thought of or seen. And even though you wouldn’t try them again like that on pizza, who’s to say I won’t try them like that on my salad tomorrow? Ha!

    Also — you tell ’em, Nat. You tell those Atkin folks, indeed.

    Warm wishes 🙂
    xo Aletheia

  3. Natalie!
    Havent been able to read and comment as much as I used to since Im not at home, but I am so proud of your pizza! That is what the crust is like here in Italy!! Youre going to have to teach me! I haent been cooking..just eating. Anyway, gotta go! excuse the lack of apostrophies. this is a silly keyboard.

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